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about 7 years ago

Kii Unity Contest: Deadline reminder


We're excited about the awesome submissions that we received for the contest. Remember that you can submit more than one game (it'll be considered a separate entry to the contest). So keep them coming!

Here's a reminder for the approaching deadlines:

May 16, 2014 Midnight (PST): deadline for submissions of game video or binary. At this stage video is preferable since we will be doing a selection of 10 games for the next round. If your video shows features that use Kii that's a plus (for example you can show how a user registers to the game if you're using our user management functionality). You can submit more than one video if you want. Any length (but the more we see the better we understand what you're doing and what your game is about)

May 17, 2014 Midnight (PST): we will notify the 10 selected games for the final round (these are the 10 finalists that made it to the next round)

May 21, 2014 Midnight (PST): the 10 finalists must submit a playable build by May 21 (if they haven't done so on the previous deadline). For this deadline a playable game is a must. Any way for us to be able to play the game is acceptable (either a binary attachment, a test flight build, a link to the game available in a store, etc). If you submit a link to store please note that the game should have been in the store no earlier than January 28 2014 (older games can't participate). We'll also require you to submit you app id from the Kii backend (via e-mail to

May 28, 2014 Midnight (PST): announcement of contest winners

That's all. If you have any questions please contact us at

Good luck!